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A synagogue is a building, a structure of mortar and wood, but a congregation is what endows the synagogue with meaning.

We are proud of our spiritual home, Beth Shalom Synagogue.  It has had a long and illustrious history, which extends back one hundred years and counting!  Still, a building without including those who fill it is like having a lavish meal with no one to partake of its delicacies.

We are a welcoming community that cherishes each of its members, and rejoices in one another’s accomplishments, and supports each other in times of pain and loneliness.  You will find a genuine, warm welcome here.

We recognize that no one is alike.  We look different from one another.  We have different lifestyles, choices, and have diverse personalities.  But this is where we gather in joy.

As is usually translated, the name of our home is Beth Shalom, House of Peace.  Yet, the real source of Shalom is “whole” or “complete.”  What we seek to provide for our members and the Jewish community is a sense of wholeness.  Here, friendships are created and cemented.  Long-lasting partnerships have been formed under this roof.  Generations of laughter and growth as we celebrate as our children play and learn the ways of our past, which becomes the roadmap for our future.

When you join us for a service, Bubbie’s Brisket celebration (a culinary festival), holy days, life milestones, adult centers of learning, senior programs, social gatherings, dinners, dances, or whatever else, you will find a place for you here.

We are delighted to widen our circle to include you.

Rabbi Jonathan Case

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