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School-age Children (2-7th Grade)

Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Grades

All students in second through seventh grades attend school on Sunday morning for Judaic studies as well as mid-week on Wednesday for Hebrew and tefillah. In Judaic studies, students learn about the concepts of G-d and holiness; study Torah through the text and apply its ancient lessons to their own lives; get connected to the Land of Israel by learning about its people and customs; become acquainted with the journey of the Jewish people throughout history; learn how we make our lives holy by ritual observance of Shabbat, the festivals, and the major events of a Jewish lifetime; study the history and heoes of the Holocaust; and all the while we will be celebrating the Jewish holidays together as they occur throughout the school year! In our Hebrew studies program, students learn Hebrew through prayer; they will learn to decode Hebrew adn understand the major prayers in the Friday evening and Shabbat morning service; learn key roots and vocabulary of the prayers; and understand the relevance and importance of the prayers and the ethical values associated with each one.

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