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Interested in Exploring Judaism?

Interested in exploring Judaism?

• We welcome everyone to Beth Shalom Synagogue.  Classes from high schools, universities, and people who want to learn more about their Jewish neighbors are always welcome in our spiritual home.  It can be intimidating to come to a service for the first time, though.  Our services are conducted mostly in Hebrew and the melodies we sing will be largely unfamiliar.  So, if you want to find out more about times, dress, and what to expect, call the synagogue and we will be happy to share with you information that will enrich your experience.

• We offer ongoing adult education programs, which are always open to the public.  So if you are looking to learn about history, practice, Torah, or develop basic Hebrew skills, we will be delighted to share with you our schedule of programs and classes.

• If your interests lie deeper, and you want to explore Judaism as a personal option, we recommend becoming familiar with our services, and determining if they fit with your spiritual level.  Afterward you may contact our rabbi who will help determine if Judaism is a good option for you.

• For those who wish to convert to Judaism, there is a long period of study.  Judaism does not encourage conversion.  We believe you can be a good person of any faith without having to be Jewish.  Still, if you feel strongly that Judaism “calls” to you, contact the rabbi for an interview, and explanation of what is involved.

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