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Next time you are in the shul, take notice of the various plaques and displays that adorn the walls. These displays serve as a testamnet to the members’ dedication to their families and to their synagogue. Youwill see names of friends present and past and perhaps remember someone you haven’t thought of in a while. What you will also notice is that there is still room to grow in many of these plaques. While many of these displays were commissioned for an event in the past, the opportunity remains open to participate in the event by showing support.

There are many reasons to purchase a commemorative display. These items can serve as an indelible way of marking a major life event, mitzvah or remember and honor a loved one.

If you are interested in marking your commitment to the synagogue and honoring a friend or family member in this way, please contact Kenny Berger at (803) 360-6267 about the various commemorative opportunities that exist in the synagogue.

Adinah Kitchen
Donation towards the purchase of a convection oven, range/oven, refrigerator or freezer. Amount varies.

Tree of Knowledge Plaques
Benefactor Stone: $2500
Gold Leaf: $750
Silver Leaf: $500
Bronze Leaf: $350

Social Hall Chair Fund
Platinum Donor: $2000 and up
Gold Donor: $1000 – $1900
Silver Donor: $500  – $900
Bronze Donor: $100 – $400
Donation per chair: $100

Kline Education Wing
Classroom Dedication: $10,000 per room

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Plaques
$50 each

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