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Scott Fried: November 2014

A Weekend With Scott Fried

November 21-23, 2014

At Beth Shalom Synagogue

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Beth Shalom Synagogue has partnered with Tree of Life Congregation, Chabad-Aleph House, the Columbia Jewish Community Center, and Columbia Jewish Federation, to host a weekend seminar to discuss a safe environment framed by Jewish values for youth and their parents to talk about self awareness, self- acceptance, sexual identity, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and HIV/AIDS.

The collaboration brings to Columbia, South Carolina and surrounding areas, Mr. Scott Fried; author, health educator, and motivational speaker.  Fried will speak to the Jewish youth, such as teens, high school, and college level students.

Beth Shalom Synagogue is among the first institutions to address issues of sexual identity, self-awareness and HIV/AIDS with adolescents and teens in South Carolina. Scott is partnering with Beth Shalom parents, educators, and students and one another, in a safe environment framed by Jewish values.

Fried will engage Jewish youth and guests in subjects of their choice such as sexual responsibility, abstinence, teen dating, violence, transmission of HIV, alternative sexuality, eating disorders, body image, self-mutilation, suicide, alcohol & drug misuse, dealing with divorce, and broken-heartedness and intimacy in the age of social media.

Our children encounter many obstacles on their path to maturity. This weekend is all about arming them with responses to surmount hurdles, which could severely impact them for the rest of their lives.  Make this weekend a priority for them and you.  It will not be repeated.  Cancel any plans and come.

The weekend seminar will begin on Friday, November 21 through Sunday, November 23, 2014, beginning at 6 p.m. There will be Musical Shabbat services, followed by a family Shabbat dinner, then Scott Fried will speak with college students. Students must RSVP to attend.

On Saturday, there will be Shabbat services, special Kiddush luncheon, followed by Fried speaking to 8-12th grade students and parents.  Later Saturday evening, Fried will speak with young adults.

There will be a special program on Sunday morning from 9-11:30 am to be held at Chapel at Fort Jackson.

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